Alligator Sausage Po Boys w/ Caramelized Onions
Tastes like chicken!

Gator Bites w/ Cheesy Mustard Beer Sauce
Beer batter.  Beer sauce.


Bayou Pasta
Pasta w/ a creamy seafood sauce

Crab and Andouille Jambalaya
A different twist on jambalaya

Crab & Artichoke Lafourche
A baked crab and artichoke casserole, originally designed for shrimp

Crab & Shrimp Gumbo
Fresh from the marshes south of NOLA

Crab Au Gratin
One of my favorite sinful treats

Crab Au Gratin Pizza
If it's good by itself, it's better on bread.

Crab Bruschetta
from Donna Hay

Crab Dip 
Also good for finger sandwiches & pinwheels

Crab Quiche
Sweet crab w/ roasted red peppers, green onion, and sharp cheddar

Crab Rangoon
One of my favorite appetizers

Creamy Crab, Corn, & Tasso Soup
Creamy, Crabby, Smokey


Crawfish Calabacitas
Mudbugs go Mexican!

Crawfish Etouffee
Probably the most popular way to cook crawfish

Crawfish Fettuccine
Not traditional Cajun cooking, but still good

Crawfish Omelets
An early morning drive through crawfish country and crawfish for breakfast.

Crawfish Pie
A real treat

Crawfish Stuffed Grilled Peppers
Fresh & light 

Fried Crawfish Po'Boys
Served with Cajun Power mayo 


Camp Fish
A recipe easy enough to throw together at the camp w/ limited supplies and ingredients.  And quick enough so you can get right back to fishin'.

Catfish Divan
One of my favorites

Crab Stuffed Flounder w/ Garlic Lemon Cream Sauce
Great with or without the sauce

Fish Baked w/ Herbs
From Tessa Kiros

Fish Po' Boys w/ Homemade Tartar Sauce
Jazz up plain ole fried fish

Fish w/ Provencal Sauce
An easy, healthy sauce of olives and tomatoes

Fish w/ Tomato Butter Sauce
A sinfully good sauce over simple baked fish

Fried Lemon Garlic Fish

Fish marinated in lemon and garlic, fried and topped with a lemon garlic sauce

Grilled Redfish on the Half Shell
Marinated in Italian dressing and grilled on the half shell à la Frank Davis

Grilled Herb Butter Redfish
Light and summery

Healthier Fish Po'boys w/ Lemon-Caper Yogurt Sauce
Want a po'boy w/ less guilt?

Pecan Crusted Trout w/ Lemon Butter Crab
Right outta da bayou

Perch Spaghetti
My dad's recipe

Redfish Courtbouillon
A tomato-based fish stew

Roasted Okra & Tomato Topped Blackened Catfish
A family favorite, served over cheesy garlic grits

Sautéed Trout/Tilapia with Citrus-Olive Relish
Nice, light, and refreshing...even if the ingredient list sounds weird

Trout Amandine
This may be my favorite way to eat fish

Trout Meunière
Trout Amandine's cousin

Frog (yes, frog)

Buttery Garlic Frog Legs over Crawfish Boil Mashed Potatoes
Tastes like chicken?  No.  More like garlic, butter, and lemon.


Avocado Dressed Shrimp
From Rick Bayless, a refreshing cool you off treat

Blackened Bacon Shrimp on Cheesy Garlic Grits

Shrimp tossed in blackening seasoning, wrapped in bacon, and set on top of cheesy garlic grits. Mmmm-mmmm. And a Zydeco breakfast clip.

Blackened Shrimp Po Boys
Served with blackened mayo and blackened sweet potato fries

BBQ Shrimp
No grilling here

Cheese & Shrimp Filled Poblanos

A healthier, more sophisticated chile relleno. Less mess to make too. From the Muy Bueno Cookbook.

Creamy Shrimp & Grits
Grits have to be one of my favorite things.

Creole Shrimp & Grits
Can't have too many recipes for shrimp & grits.

Easy, Creamy Shrimp & Roasted Pepper Puffs
What's better than shrimp?  Shrimp in puff pastry.

Goan Shrimp Curry
The first curry I've ever liked. From Madhur Jaffrey.

Jacket Potato w/ Shrimp & Marie Rose Sauce
from Jamie Oliver

Jalapeno Skillet Shrimp
good over pasta

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta
One of my family's favorites

Linguine w/ Shrimp & Lemon Oil
Just right!

Quick Fried Shrimp w/ Sweet Toasty Garlic
From Rick Bayless. The Mojo de Ajo is fantastic.

Shrimp & Andouille Baked Potato
Shrimp & of my favorite pairs

Shrimp-ball Soup w/ Roasted Pepper & Tomato w/ Sweet Toasty Garlic
From Rick Bayless.

Shrimp Biryani
From Madhur Jaffrey.  Nice dish!

Shrimp & Cous Cous Jambalaya
Not traditional, but cooks much faster 

Shrimp Creole
Truly New Orleans

Shrimp Creole Calas
Rice fritters with Shrimp Creole flair

Shrimp Etouffee with Mushrooms

Forget the cream of mushroom soup

Shrimp Fra Diavolo
We prefer the Italian Shrimp recipe above or BBQ Shrimp, but if you like super spicy this might be for you

Shrimp Jambalaya
A Creole style red jambalaya

Shrimp Po’ Boys w/ Remoulade Sauce
Perfectly-fried-shrimp po'boy dressed with spicy New Orleans style remoulade sauce

Shrimp Salad Stuffed Tomatoes
Ripe summer tomatoes stuffed with shrimp, crab, or crawfish salad

Shrimp in Spicy Garlic Sauce
Garlicky, spicy, and shrimpy.  Good eatin'!

Shrimp & Spinach Brown Rice Risotto
from Tessa Kiros

Shrimp & Tasso Pasta
Beautiful Gulf shrimp with smoky, spicy Tasso

Shrimp w/ Tomato & Feta
From Tessa Kiros

Singing Shrimp
From Marcelle Bienvenu and a Mardi Gras Parade

Spicy Shrimp Etouffee
Made with Ro-tel tomatoes, cayenne pepper, hot sauce, and Creole Seasoning